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Muslim Senator blasts “far-right conservatives” calling them “Merchants of Hate” out to divide and destroy the community.

Just days after an Islamic terrorist attack was carried out in Melbourne, Muslim Senator Mehreen Faruqi warned Parliament of “far-right conservatives” or as she referred to them, “Merchants of Hate.”

“It seems almost every day we are met with a new far-right conservative movement, ranging the spectrum from straight up Neo-Nazis or fascists masquerading as libertarians to the tin foil hat brigade with their United Nations conspiracy theories,” the Greens Senator said.

“Some of them are in this very parliament. I collectively call these groups the Merchants of Hate. But, perhaps ‘charlatans’ or ‘quacks’ would be better terms. They prey on the anxieties of Australians and offer solutions that are empty, hateful and divisive. They shadow box with imaginary enemies, whipping up hysteria against minorities to cover for their own inadequacies. Why? Because they find it easier to destroy communities than to build them.”

An ironic claim considering the never-ending flood of migrants fleeing Islamic countries for the freedom and wealth of the West. That is, wealthy Christian nations whose success is largely due to the same folk she refers to as “far-right conservatives.”

Faruqi is known for her outlandish claims in Parliament, from suggesting that white people can never experience racism, to accusing Australians of building their nation on invasion and land theft.


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