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Muslim activist urges Egyptians to deliberately spread coronavirus: “If you have contracted coronavirus, you should exact revenge!”

A New York-based Muslim activist has urged Egyptians to deliberately spread Coronavirus to government officials and employees.

According to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), Bahgat Saber, a Muslim Brotherhood activist in New York, said that any Egyptian with flu-like symptoms should “exact revenge” by intentionally going to police stations, public prosecution offices, courthouses, embassies and consulates to spread the infection in hopes of “toppling” the government.

“Whoever has flu-like symptoms – cold, fever, sneezing – should pay a visit to his ‘friends’ who work for Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s government,” Saber said, according to a translation by MEMRI.

“The moment you get flu-like symptoms like a cold or a fever, go to the public prosecution office that is closest to your house. Go to any building where they might illegally incarcerate people.

“If you can, go to a building of the Security Investigations Service, and if you can’t, just wait for them and sneeze on their cars when they pass by… If you want the state to care about coronavirus and start dealing with the disease, whoever among you suffers from influenza, fever, or cold, should just casually walk into a police station, or go to an office of the public prosecution, or to a courthouse.

“If you are a soldier, you can go into the defence ministry, and shake hands with all the generals of the military and the police. The same is true with the justice system.”

Saber went on to urge his followers to “make proper use” of the virus by “exacting revenge” on President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s government.

“If you have contracted coronavirus, you should exact revenge! Avenge yourself, avenge the honor of your women, avenge the people who are in prison, and avenge the oppressed people… Perhaps coronavirus will topple Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi… You have to make proper use of this.”

“People who are outside of Egypt should go to any consulate or embassy. They are all licentious villains and sons of bitches… Exact revenge! This is legal and constitutional revenge. No law or constitution prohibits you from paying them a visit.”

“When you talk to people, they say to you: ‘We don’t have machine guns, we don’t have F-16 planes, we don’t have this and that… But now you have the coronavirus culture.”


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