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Men who identify as women are being invited to have their non-existent cervix tested.

In July 2017 the publicly funded National Health Service (NHS) in England released a 24 page booklet specifically for transgender and non-binary people.

The purpose of the booklet was to provide information regarding available screening programs and further explain who is invited to take part in the publicly funded tests.

These tests include, breast screenings, cervical screenings, aortic aneurysm screenings, and bowel screenings.

When it comes to breast screenings, both men and women are offered the procedures. Regardless of surgeries or the removal of breasts, breast tissue can still be present, so there is a need for these tests to be completed. However, when it comes to cervical screenings, things get a little more confusing.

According to the NHS, if you are a biological female, but you identify as male and are registered as such with your GP, you WILL NOT be offered cervical screening. However, if you are a biological male and you are registered with your GP as female, you WILL be offered cervical screening.

The booklet states: “If you are a trans woman aged 25 to 64 you won’t need to be screened as you don’t have a cervix.” However, if you are registered with your GP as female, “you will be routinely invited for cervical screening unless your GP has already told us you’re not eligible.”

To simplify it, women who have a cervix, but don’t identify as women, will not get potentially life saving medical procedures offered by the government, while men who do not have a cervix, but identify as women, will be offered these procedures.

Although the GP can state that a trans woman is not eligible for the screening, would doctors likely risk their careers doing something so politically incorrect? I doubt it.

This brave new world will be frightening doctors into medical negligence. And when it all backfires horribly, we can all thank political correctness and regressive leftists.

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