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Media renews attacks on Israel Folau, now they’re going after him in his church

Israel Folau has come under fire yet again for saying absolutely nothing we didn’t already know. After Folau’s latest sermon was posted to his church’s Facebook page, mainstream news outlets took the opportunity to renew the assault on the former rugby star.

Preaching at his Sydney church over the weekend, Folau “doubled-down on his homophobic beliefs,” “escalated” and “intensified his attacks on homosexuals,” “targeted transgender children“, and “criticised youths undergoing gender treatment,” according to news reports.

The media, who constantly warn us about the dangers of being exposed to such a message, will no doubt draw even more attention to Folau’s sermon with their hysteric reports and widely-exaggerated headlines.

Responding to a piece published by The Australian simply titled ‘Folau targets transgender kids’, Lyle Shelton of the Australian Conservatives tweeted: “Alternative headline: Folau targets adults who advocate puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and irreversible surgery to children.”

“They are allowing young kids in primary school to be able to have the permission to change their gender if they want by taking away the permission of the parents,” Folau said during his sermon.

“Now they are trying to take control as a government to make those decisions for young kids who are basically 16 years old or younger. They don’t even know what they are doing.

“This is what the devil is trying to do. To instil into this government, into this world, into society, and it is slowly happening.

“They say that a man and a man should be able to be married and there is nothing wrong with it,” he added. “This buys into the theme of pleasing man rather than pleasing God and standing up for the truth.”

Folau went on to urge Christians to profess Christ wherever they go and to overcome the fear of being rejected or even fired from their place of work.

“Are we too scared because we might be cast out by our workplace or cast out of somewhere because we’re not liked or loved by those around us and don’t believe the same thing we do?”

One Nation MP, Mark Latham praised Folau for speaking out against the encouragement of gender fluidity in schools, but questioned why Folau is being targetted “to the point of infiltrating his Sunday church sermons”.

Folau hasn’t said anything that Christians haven’t been saying for thousands of years. So, why the sudden feigned outrage? It’s been said, to learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise.

If you thought heresy trials were a thing of the past, you’re mistaken. There’s a new state religion, and if you speak contrary to the authorised doctrine of the state you will suffer the consequences. Folau is our example of that.

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