Martyn Iles Talks Touring in ‘24, and What Life Holds Post-ACL

“The Church in Australia gains more than it has lost.”

Martyn Iles, managing director of Answers In Genesis Australia, will be spearheading another Australian tour in 2024.

Picking up where he left off with the Australian Christian Lobby, the former ACL boss will revisit four cities, for one-night teaching events featuring AIG founder, Ken Ham.

Headlined Living in Babylon, the events are a continuation of Iles’ popular series which ‘offers insights’ to 1 John 4, spirit of truth Christians, living in a spirit of error age.

The aim of the event is to ‘equip Christians’ who find themselves a little blurry-eyed about how to respond to a post-truth culture hostile to God’s objective Word.

At the top of their list, Iles and Ham will present biblical clarity to questions like, ‘So, what can Australian Christians do? and How should they therefore live?’

Discussing his shock shift away from ACL to AIG, Martyn told Vision Christian Media, “As the last few months have unfolded, I found myself looking for something else to move into.

“Answers in Genesis were one of the main groups that came to me and said, Hey, how about you come and join us?

“It’s out of political lobbying, and more into equipping the church. Discipleship and education is probably the biggest change, but these are all things that I’ve contemplated, and have had a heart to do for a while.”

AIG, Iles added, “is an extraordinary opportunity.”

Post-ACL, Ken Ham approached Martyn (who is a lawyer by trade) rather than a PhD scientist because the “battles today are marriage, gender, and dealing with social issues.

“Sure, we still have the issues” of evolution vs. creation, but we cover that, and we’ve covered those issues at length. Now there’s a need to address current events and issues as well, Ham explained.

Martyn is “well-equipped to do that.”

As is evidenced by “his series on Living in Babylon, and understanding the state of our culture. Preparing Christians for persecution, and being ready to defend the Christian faith. Martyn is the right person to lead this ministry,” Ham continued.

Writing about the 2024 Babylon tour, Iles said on Facebook, “God still has a movement of His people in Australia. If we could all shine like Daniel did, what a mark it would make on eternity.

“That’s my prayer, and I hope these evenings help light some fires in our souls.”

For us here at Caldron Pool, especially myself – being somewhat closely related to ACL’s content, and mission – I put up a determined opposition to Martyn’s abrupt departure from ACL.

This said, I think those decisions are being redeemed.

ACL’s new CEO Michelle Pearse not holding her punches, makes Martyn and Michelle a force to be reckoned with.

The Church in Australia gains more than it has lost.

About registration: Tickets are limited, and over 4,000 have already pre-bought tickets for the events.

Be a Daniel! Go against the stream.

Watch Martyn’s complete interview with Vision Christian Media here:

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