New ACL Boss Slam-Dunks CPAC Speech

“Who would have thought, that Australia could become a society that persecutes Christians, or other faiths, for simply adhering to their fundamental beliefs on gender, and life.”

The Australian Christian Lobby’s new CEO, Michelle Pearse slam-dunked her first major public address in Sydney on Sunday.

Fresh off the plane after five years in London, Martin Iles’ successor passed muster with room to spare.

Before an audience of around 1,000, the essence of Pearse’s Christian Ethics and Civil Society message to the CPAC – Conservative Political Action Conference – reminded all Australians that government as God, was government gone wrong.

Also contained within her speech was a firm, no retreat, no surrender, warning to conservatives.

Pearse inferred that conservatism without Christ, was too tame, and toothless.

A Christ-less conservatism cannot win the far-Left’s pseudo-religious culture war.

This is because the current movement to conserve the best of Western Civilisation is morally incoherent without a firm Biblical Christian framework.

It was Christians who built schools, and hospitals, and Christians who laboured to end slavery.

It was Christians, she added, who, acting under threat of death, fought to end inhumane barbarism practiced within cultures stretching from Ancient Rome to India, to China, up to the slums of dark Darwinian Victorian England.

Christians, Pearse asserted, have effected change against all odds throughout ‘Christendom’s’ long – and at times flawed – history.

From compassionate innovation and cross-centred charity, the Gospel has restrained, redeemed, and sometimes saved societies from the worst of humanity.

Therefore, Pearse implied, displacing God’s objective morality from today’s contemporary conservative movement is the equivalent of blindly marching into the abyss.

“I’m not a frog in the water, who died to the realities of our culture whilst being left in it,” Pearce said.

“I jumped abroad to another nation, and then jumped back in, only to look around and see a very different nation to the one I’d left.”

What we’re now seeing is the very thing “ACL, and others warned was a consequence” of the ideology behind the same-sex “marriage” push in 2017.

Today, “we’re living in those consequences, and who are the losers? Children.”

Caring for them, and the future of Australia, is ACL’s main motivation, Pearse explained.

“As Christians, the attacks on our freedoms is nothing new.”

“The attacks are as old as Christendom itself,” and go as far back as the Hebrews in Egypt, Daniel before lions, and persecution of Christianity’s Jewish forebears.

Each time God raised up a deliverer.

This gives us hope.

“The attack on Christians is nothing new,” she reiterated, “and my message today to CPAC is that Truth cannot be silenced because life itself testifies to it.”

This is found in “biological realities, chromosomes, the heartbeat of a child within the womb, and our common mortality, testifies to the truth were are all subject to the same conditions.”

Pearse then spoke on abortion, trans-indoctrination of the “vulnerable young, and biological women’s rights.”

“Why is any opposition criminal?” She asked.

“Is it because the truth has power, is confrontational, and uncomfortable?

“Is it because we want to redefine life, gender, and science?

“So much for the enlightenment! That, in the minds of the intellects, was supposed to move us beyond religion, to reason. What has that accomplished?

“The age of reason has become the age of unreason.

“Perhaps the undoing of truth,” Pearse said, “started in 1969 when it became legal to kill a child in the womb.”

We’ve “got to connect the dots about what is happening. The undermining of morality at a seemingly small level justifies it at an even greater level.”

Responding to the New South Wales Labor government’s proposed radical “gay conversion bans,” Pearse thundered, “What business does the government have in impeding our fundamental beliefs, and freedom to teach others about them?”

Christians “are not forcing anyone to comply, but if people want prayer, if they won’t counsel, to deal with a specific sexual orientation, or attraction that they have, we should be free” to help them.

“This is either a direct attack on religious freedom, or ignorance about what the Christian ethos is, and the deep convictions we have on these matters,” said Pearse.

“We will not compromise.

“Who would have thought, that Australia could become a society that persecutes Christians, or others faiths, for simply adhering to their fundamental beliefs on gender, and life,” she added.

To a standing ovation, ACL’s new CEO concluded,

“The Chinese government bans books which may contradict government endorse theology because they are Communist.”

“The Australian government is planning to block online posts that may contradict government-endorsed ideology because they are [pause] not acting democratically.”

Family First director, and former ACL CEO Lyle Shelton called the speech a ‘tour de force.’

Pearse’s speech appears to inadvertently backed this year’s unofficial ‘Socialism sux’ theme.

You can watch Michelle Pearse’s full speech in high definition at ADHTV here.

ADHTV and CPAC  have also opened up access to speeches from, Alan Jones, Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, Alex Antic, Elijah Schaeffer, and the great Moira Deeming.

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