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Mardi Gras, Climate Alarmism and Cultural Marxism

This year’s Mardi Gras parade was the quintessential expression of Cultural Marxism as forces united to attack their common enemy: Western civilisation in general, and mainline Christianity in particular.

For those who thought Mardi Gras was purely about gay rights, this year’s event was more political than ever and revealed the true colours of the LGBTQI movement.

Protestors mocking Scott Morrison with shirts labelled ‘The Department of Homo Affairs’ were dragged off by police, with a sizeable number of floats devoted to climate change. The theme was ‘What Matters,’ as the Mardi Gras website explains:

This Mardi Gras season focuses on What Matters! Our float is a powerful and creative protest for the world we live in. We’re drawing attention to climate and sustainability, with a float built with love for the planet and hope for the future. Ze is our genderless puppet, a Gaia that reminds us that we are all alive and connected. We must recognise our differences without judgement, support each other and take care of the earth.

But why is the LGBTQI+ movement now fighting for all these other causes? If you’re anything like me, you’re probably asking the question: Wasn’t your original mission just about gay rights and not the environment?

You may have seen reports that Mardi Gras numbers were down this year. Many revellers think it’s had its day; that the party’s over — or at least reaching the stage where they think about heading home. That means the activist group among the organisers need to find new guests, new allies; hence this year’s move from gay to Gaia.

The key is understanding that all of these ideologies have a common denominator: they are all expressions of Cultural Marxism. Professor Rob Smith has written one of the best analyses’ of Cultural Marxism, which can be found here. In an important essay titled, “Cultural Marxism: Imaginary Conspiracy or Revolutionary Reality”, Smith explains:

It simply refers to a twentieth century development in Marxist thought that came to view Western culture as a key source of human oppression. As such, Cultural Marxism is nothing more than the application of Marxist theory to culture.

Thus, whether it be contemporary Indigenous rights movements, the LGBTQI+ agenda, contemporary environmentalism, or radical feminism, all of these ideologies are applications of the Marxist doctrines of oppression and exploitation. They con countless multitudes into parading and protesting for them, while many are unaware of the Marxist roots of the movement.

Hence, according to the organisers of the Sydney Mardi Gras, the earth—like LGBTQI people—is being ‘oppressed’ and ‘exploited’ by the bourgeoisie (capitalists), hence why they must not only tear down the patriarchy and traditional family, but also the economic system that Western civilisation is based on. They care not about the actual exploitation and oppression of people which occurs under Communist regimes, but rather redefine the terms to mean any activity in a free-market economy.

This means that gay activists never just wanted the freedom to marry but to compel others towards a complete reordering of society. Which means that those who champion tolerance, have ironically become the most intolerant people of all. As Thomas Sowell writes in his essay, Affirmative Action and Gay Marriage:

Gays were on their strongest ground when they said that what they did was nobody else’s business. Now they are asserting a right to other people’s approval, which is wholly different. None of us has the right to other people’s approval.

What we witnessed at Mardi Gras is exactly the sort of progressive posturing we ought to expect when a nation abandons God and seeks to establish a society based on unhinged individualism and sexual liberalism. Moreover, it is a manifestation of the larger issue of cultural Marxism, which is eroding our nation and tearing the social fabric apart.

The truth is, once a people abandon God, it is only a matter of time before they begin to worship some aspect of His creation. What a time we live in, where secularists scoff at the idea of a sovereign God over creation, and yet proceed to worship Gaia, the Greek goddess of the earth. Os Guinness wisely stated in Impossible People: Christian Courage and the Struggle for the Soul of Civilisation:

 Our Western nations have both forgotten God and forgotten where they have come from. Now they are attempting to complete the process of severing the roots of Western civilization, destroying its root system, poisoning its soil and ruining its entire spiritual, moral and social ecology.

Our Western societies may persist in forgetting God and rejecting his way. But whatever our societies do around us, we are to remain faithful…and therefore unmanipulable, unbribable, undeterrable and unclubbable…

Let us then determine and resolve to be so faithful in all the challenges and ordeals the onrushing future brings that it may be said of us that we in our turn have served God’s purpose in our generation.

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