Australian Government Refuses to Fund Australian COVID-19 Vaccine: You Get What You Get & You Don’t Get Upset!

If the “vaccine” is not Pfizer, Moderna, or Astra-Zeneca, the government doesn’t appear to want to know about it.

Fifty-one million doses of Novavax lined up to be purchased by the Australian government have been in a holding pattern since June.

Although the protein-based, non-mRNA COVID-19, “traditional” vaccine, looks likely to be the best in a series of questionable options, governments have been less than enthusiastic about expediting Novavax or its equivalents to the battlefield.

This strongly suggests that those great defenders of liberty elected to represent us, appear more concerned with protecting Big Pharma’s investments than our best interests.

If the “vaccine” is not Pfizer, Moderna, or Astra-Zeneca, the government doesn’t appear to want to know about it.

Their apathetic response to Novavax raises questions about why global leaders have been so lax in supporting what could likely be the unsung heroes of the CCP-19 pandemic.

When the facts about protein-based vaccines are weighed, it is nowhere near good enough to hear – as we did from New South Wales Health Minister, “Boomer” Brad Hazzard: “Well, we have more than enough “vaccines,” why bother? You get what you get, you don’t get upset!!!”  (paraphrased)

With the urgency of the emergency constantly being forced down our throats by legacy media, you are right to wonder why governments haven’t done more to deliver the best and safest possible options in a sea of questionable ones?

We know that Novavax is a potential star.

We also know that governments are aware of its efficacy.

For instance, the non-mRNA option is now slated by the Australian government to be used as a “booster”.

The NY Times has explained:

“Novavax has proven to be highly effective in clinical trials in the United States and abroad. In a trial involving about 30,000 people, the vaccine demonstrated an overall efficacy of 90.4 percent, according to results published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine. Novavax’s efficacy against moderate or severe disease was 100 percent.”

Novavax has also just won emergency approval from the World Health Organisation to “increase the vaccine supply for low- and middle-income countries.”

Reasons for authorities budging and finally approving Novavax included ‘low numbers of vaccines available’ in majority world countries, Novavax can be transported without refrigeration and new concerns over the impact of the (so far relatively mild) Omicron variant.

Novavax is not the only “traditional” style vaccine facing significant obstacles from a torpid bureaucracy clearly infected with the dissonance of “we’re in an emergency, but there’s no urgency to clear these vaccines for use!”

It would seem that the vaccines preferred by people practicing informed consent are not the ones preferred by powerful people bulldozing informed consent.

For example: Director of Endocrinology at Flinders medical centre with a conjoint position as professor of medicine at Flinders University, Professor Nikolai Petrovsky, developer of the Australian made COVAX-19, has been pushing for a piece of the government’s taxpayer-funded support since its inception.

Petrovsky wrote on Twitter:

“Crazy, right? Our Covid-19 vaccine is effective against delta in Phase 3 trials. Now approved in Iran. Fabulous safety. But no support from our govt. Warp-Speed gave US vaccine developers a billion dollars each. We are relying on crowd funding.”

COVAX-19 was the centre of controversy after Petrovsky inoculated himself with the vaccine in 2020.

In October this year, The Spectator recounted how Petrovsky was then fired ‘by his university and threatened with arrest if he sets foot in his office’, because Petrovsky refused the current “vaccines” okayed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).’

The Speccy added:

“The TGA [has] recognised the Chinese Sinopharm and the Indian Covaxin vaccines as effective. Yet the TGA refuses to look at Petrovsky’s Australian vaccine until he pays a fee of $350,000.”

Even more noteworthy:

“Before injecting the vaccine into a single person, Petrovsky injected it into himself to demonstrate his confidence in the product. Compare that with the CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla who began dosing people with its experimental vaccine on April 23, 2020. Bourla didn’t get his first shot of the Pfizer vaccine until 21 March 2021…Petrovsky was sacked even though he may well have better immunity than those who are sacking him.”

The article’s author, Rebecca Weisser, suggested two potential reasons for the Canberra cold-shoulder.

First, Petrovsky was one of the original Westerners to state that scientific evidence links CCP-19 to the CCP via a ‘lab leak’ in Wuhan. This was a finding that was bound to make powerful and influential people uneasy.

The second is probably related to the first, Petrovsky won’t get any hearing in Canberra unless it is through referral and the ‘doors are opened by lobbyists.’

This is despite mRNA inventor Dr. Robert Malone backing Petrovsky, who wrote on Twitter in response to The Spectator article: “I consider Nikolai Petrovsky a good personal friend. The corruption is deep and wide.”

In a December 20 update, the TGA said it has:

“Granted provisional determination to Vaxine Pty Ltd. The granting of a provisional determination means that the TGA has made a decision that Vaxine Pty Ltd is now eligible to apply for provisional registration for the vaccine in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG).”

However, The Therapeutic Goods Administration noted:

“Provisional determination is the first step in the provisional registration process. Importantly, registration and supply in Australia will only commence should the vaccine be approved as safe and effective by the TGA.”

The TGA did not stipulate reasons for the apparent backflip.

The Australian immunologist’s GoFundMe campaign currently has over 8,300 donors, with over 11,561 signatures on a related Government petition, asking the Australian government, “to act in the interests of Australians and provide the necessary financial support and advance purchase commitments to Vaxine Pty Ltd to ensure the availability of COVAX-19 in Australia.”

The fundraiser setup by Sharen Petrovsky, Vaxine Pty Ltd’s business manager, states:

“You might think that the government would be throwing their full support behind this safe and effective locally-developed vaccine. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.”

The GoFundMe page blurb continued:

“Apart from a token grant provided more than a year after the pandemic started, the govt has failed to support our vaccine while allocating potentially billions of dollars in support to our wealthy competitor, CSL, who produce the AstraZeneca vaccine that has been linked to deaths from central venous thrombosis.”

A well-versed, anonymous frontline source, told Caldron Pool:

“This is a real Australian Story… I have to say from working on the front line, in my opinion many of these facts [adverse effects] are real, hence the medical staff are waiting for a safe vaccine such as Professor Nikolais.”

They added:

“No one [pushing the mRNA “vaccines”] are prepared to pay out on income protection, especially to many Doctors, Nurses, allied health workers, and carers, who are immobilized and health impaired from adverse reactions due to being forced to have unsafe vaccines.”

Professor Petrovsky’s petition ends on the 22 December, with the GoFundMe campaign already reaching $849,272 of its 1-million-dollar goal.

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