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Magda Szubanski: Redesign Oscar statue to something ‘less blokey’

Magda Szubanski has taken to Twitter to express, what she believes, is the “basics” of the #TimesUp movement: the masculine name and appearance of the Oscar statuette. Szubanski asked her followers why the award still looks like a “mandroid.” She went on to question if anyone had thought of renaming or redesigning the statue to “something less blokey… less, dare I say, binary.”

Really, Magda? Aside from the fact that “gender” is only relevant when it’s convenient to your argument, are you really suggesting the basics of the #MeToo movement is the removal of icons that may appear a little too masculine for your taste? I mean, the statue doesn’t even have genitalia! It all comes back to a “Politically Incorrect” assumption that women don’t have broad shoulders. Isn’t that insinuation a little hypocritical and rather bigoted, considering the “community” you claim to represent, Magda?

Furthermore, what we see here is that it no longer matters if you’re a sexual offender or not. If you’re a male, you’re part of the problem. And an image of a male inherently represents inequality, injustice, and apparently the basics of the #MeToo revolt. All that said, however, Magda can rest assured, she’ll most likely never have to bring one of those icons of oppression into her home.

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