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Little girl waving LGBTQ flag watches as near-naked man performs a sexual dance, while other men stuff money into his underwear.

If this doesn’t constitute as child abuse, I’m not sure what does. This heartbreaking footage, taken at a Gay Pride event, shows a little girl no older than six waving an LGBTQ flag as she watches a near-naked man perform sexual dance moves in nothing but his underwear.

At one point in the video, a man is seen walking up to the dancer and stuffing money down his crotch.

“That is too precious,” a man can be heard saying off camera. “Maybe it’s her dad dancing,” another individual says.

Canada’s public broadcaster CBC, told parents it’s important to be “open-minded,” and offered the following advice for taking your kids to a Gay Pride event:

Your kids will probably see boobs and penises. There will [be] bodies of all shapes, sizes and in all states of undress. For parents like Ian Duncan, dad to 3-year-old Carson, this is part of the experience. ‘We’re not body shamers,’ he says. ‘It all feeds into my son’s emotional intelligence and development. And it’s never too early to think about that.’ Consider the experience as a great opportunity for some interesting discussion. Explain what you’re seeing, and be ready for questions.

As a culture, we’ve fallen head-first into the pit of moral relativism. We’ve dismissed the Bible and with it the biblical definition of sexual morality. In it’s place, we’ve embraced moral relativism, along with LGBTQ ideology.

We no longer have any meaningful basis for distinguishing between what is considered sexual morality and sexual immorality. Sadly, that means we’re only going to see more and more of this sort of abuse. And if it’s all relative anyways, what basis do we have for calling it abuse?

The West must embrace its Christian heritage and throw off moral relativism, or else face obliteration. As Peter Kreeft once said, moral relativism is “the single most important issue of our age.”

“No culture in history has ever embraced moral relativism and survived… Our society will do one of three things: either disprove one of the most universally established laws of all history; or repent of its relativism and survive; or persist in its relativism and perish.”

WATCH (Warning: Offensive Content):

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