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Allie Stuckey before Congressional hearing: ‘Rights are not dependent on whether a person is wanted’

Conservative commentator Allie Stuckey testified before a Congressional hearing on Thursday, saying that as a mother, a woman, an American and a human being, she is horrified by the violence that is carried out against the defenceless unborn.

In her opening address before the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Stuckey said: “I am here today as a mom, fighting for a future for her kids in which rights are not dependent on whether a person is wanted, but upon their humanity. I am here as a woman, who believes that female empowerment, equality and freedom are not defined by her ability to terminate the life of her child.

“I’m here as an American, afraid for the fate of a country that no longer considers the right to life a prerequisite to liberty or the pursuit of happiness. I’m here as a human being, horrified by the violence, the oppression and the marginalisation of a defenceless people group based solely on where they reside – in the womb.”

We congratulate ourselves for our racial progress, our fair and equal treatment of “People of Colour.” We convince ourselves if we were around a hundred years ago or so, we’d offer Rosa Parks our seat and refuse to adopt the racist attitudes of the day. We look with horror and contempt at anyone who even slightly resembles a Nazi and imagine ourselves to be among those who risked their lives for the vulnerable folk who society deemed less than human.

But where is mainstream thought today when a modern-day holocaust is upon us? Politicians, Hollywood celebrities, academics, musicians, and multibillion-dollar corporations are all actively advocating, as R.C. Sproul put it, “a new and more evil holocaust, which sees the destruction of 1.5 million unborn babies every year in the United States alone.”

Society hasn’t progressed. We’ve just shifted our violence to a more vulnerable member of our society, then upped it a hundredfold.

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