LGBTQ Activists Protested An Event They Knew Nothing About

“Aside from the ABC falsely reporting on the evening and protesters misreading and stirring up unnecessary fear about the event, local MP Rebecca Stephens was quick to be critical of the event without knowing its contents.”

Albany Baptist Church recently hosted an event called Real Lives where attendees were able to ‘hear stories of hope and vision and dignity beyond LGBTQ+ and ideologies’.

The evening featured seven speakers who have ‘previously lived or identified as LGBTQ+, but who are now finding a new life in Jesus Christ’ plus an additional speaker who has never been same-sex attracted but who had been repeatedly sexually assaulted by numerous men in the gay community during his teenage years.

Even though some clear details of what the evening was to contain were available online, local advocacy group, Albany Pride, were quick to demonise the event even before the event’s content had been finalised.

Committee member Lupo Prenzato said the group believed the event was related to gay conversion therapy. ‘The language they use — dignity or hope — it’s like you don’t have dignity if you don’t convert yourself. That’s how that reads.’

What Prenzato and the fifty or so protesters who gathered peacefully opposite the church building did not know, and clearly misread, was that the evening contained stories of people equally same-sex attracted as many Albany Pride members. Storytellers merely shared how their life choices had brought about a deeper hope, a greater dignity, and a wider vision for their lives. Wouldn’t anybody wish the same for their LGBTQ+ neighbour?

The evening contained no mention of going from ‘gay to straight’, and the idea of being ‘cured of homosexuality’ through quack conversion techniques was denounced from the stage – yet lobbyists still insisted, and continue to insist, that this was the underlying messaging of the event which they believe promoted so-called conversion therapy.

Interestingly, the ABC chose to pursue commentary on therapy undertaken by same-sex attracted and gender questioning persons not from a medical expert but from a historian, Tim Jones from La Trobe University who researches LGBTQ+ conversion ideology and practices in Australia.

Jones told the ABC that ‘people can experience really severe mental health crises, suicidality, disruption to their participation in education and work, disruption to their relationships’ by undergoing so-called conversion therapy.

And yet the stories on stage at Albany Baptist Church contained these exact dimensions – severe mental health crises, suicidality, disruption to participation in education and work, disruption to relationships – resulting from their uniquely lived experiences of being involved at the heart of the gay community.

What was encouraging for the 530 people present at the event was to hear how each individual had been able to move beyond these challenging hurdles as a result of engaging with insightful therapy and prayer towards significantly improved mental health, a new lease of life, stability of education and work, and deeper more meaningful relationships.

Yes, the opposite of what Australia’s government-funded broadcaster reports, and its nations so-called research expert espouses, is cancelled outrightly by a small handful of people sharing the stories of their real lives over 90 minutes in an otherwise insignificant church building in the bottom south-westerly corner of Australia, stories which are known to mirror the lives of hundreds if not thousands of other Australians who are now being sidelined, ignored, and even cancelled by politicians in bed with LGBTQ+ ideologues.

You have understood it correctly: the macro minority of those who are same-sex attracted and gender dysphoric are now oppressing, harassing, excluding and selectively crushing and diminishing the micro minority of their fellow same-sex attracted and gender dysphoric citizens using lies, threats and propaganda to prevent them from speaking of new-found hope.

Several of the evening’s speakers went out of their way to visit the protesters handing them free coffee and cups of teas. Joined by church workers, they also invited protesters to consider entering the church to listen to the stories for themselves. Most politely declined. One or two stepped into the entrance to the church but only very briefly. No protester heard the hope-filled stories of their brothers and sisters.

Aside from the ABC falsely reporting on the evening and protesters misreading and stirring up unnecessary fear about the event, local MP Rebecca Stephens was quick to be critical of the event without knowing its contents.

However, to gain a true representation of the evening, let the attendees speak for themselves:

“If it wasn’t for the carpeted floor, you would have heard a pin drop amongst the crowd of 500 people.”

“Nothing illegal going on here, just Christian people telling their stories, about finding healing and hope in Jesus.”

“The story of the middle-aged man was so moving that I found myself on my feet with everyone else applauding as it came to its conclusion about his abuse. The courage that man displayed, I’ve never seen the likes of before.”

“As I sat among Christians of every church in town and we listened to their stories it seemed to bring unity amongst us.”

“The night made me realise that I had allowed myself to think it was about us and them, but now I realise it is only us.”

“Each story was so real, I can see bits and pieces of my friends and family in it.”

“The night has reminded me that each of us has a story to tell and that I need to listen better.”

“I had started to view the world in this dark light, but now I have come to realise that there is always hope and that hope has a name.”

“Tonight was an amazing and awesome event! So well presented with love, respect, great hope and integrity. What a shame anyone with a negative perception never bothered to step inside and listen for themselves… you would have been amazed – the love for LGBTQ+ was awe-inspiring. Well done Albany Baptist Church, on presenting a phenomenal evening, look forward to many more.”

“There was not a single comment about anything related to conversion strategies or techniques … you’ll be pleased to know that it was however, strongly encouraged and affirmed to love an individual for their value as God’s creation, through their journey. Unfortunately the ‘negative press’ has only ramped up a mountain of unfounded fear, anxiety and unnecessary tension. Last night was a life changing event for many.”

“There was NO mention of conversion, no one proclaiming they had been ‘cured’. Where did you get that from? Definitely worth you attending to see what REALLY happened rather than imagining what you THINK happened, and I say that with all due respect. It’s a genuine pity that the ABC created this cloud of mistrust and anxiety. Where is their report on what ACTUALLY happened? You won’t see one because it would WHOLLY contradict all of their fabrication and subversion that went before.”

It is becoming clearer than ever that the tail is now wagging the dog as public servants bow down in servitude to LGBTQ+ lobbyists. As a former gay activist, I know firsthand that this was the goal we planned more than three decades ago – and most people have fallen for the propaganda, only the cracks are now rapidly beginning to show.

Not only are mental health issues consistently disproportionate in the LGBTQ+ community, government-funding is often increased to deal with mental distress in LGBTQ+ individuals with few signs of any significant, long-lasting improvements.

Compare this to the advances which have transpired in the lives of the eight speakers who shared their real-life stories, and you might wonder why a macro minority would not want to replicate the hope, dignity and vision this micro minority of courageous individuals have found?

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