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Leftist meets Islam: Muslim man warns, they’re fighting to implement Sharia Law in the US, then BEHEAD homosexuals.

The host of a U.S. radio show has tried desperately not to insult Islam after a Muslim man called in and said LGBTQ people need to be beheaded.

The man went on to claim his Muslim “brothers and sisters” are fighting to have Sharia Law implemented in the United States and any opposition to that goal is “anti-Muslim.”

The female host asked the man, “So people should be beheaded for being gay? Come on. This is America.”

“You’re anti-Muslims?” the man responded.

“I’m not anti-Muslim,” she quickly replied.

“You’re anti-Muslim if you’re saying that about my religion,” he said.

“No, I’m saying in America…” she said.

“In America?” the man asked. “We’re American citizens too… That lifestyle is deviant and it’s against Islam. And Sharia should come to the United States.”

“That’s fine to feel that way,” the host said. “But to believe that they should be beheaded is a little extreme.”

“Well, are you going to call the whole kingdom of Saudi Arabia strange? … It’s against Muslim countries and you are against Islam,” the man said.

“I’m not against Islam,” the host continued to insist.


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