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WATCH: Celebrities, politicians, and pundits threaten President Trump with violence and death, then accuse him of inciting violence…

Yesterday the Washington Post along with the Sydney Morning Herald published an article accusing U.S. President Donald Trump of knowingly inciting violence and civil conflict.

“It is no longer an open question,” opinion writer Greg Sargent wrote. “President Trump knows full well that his rhetoric and conspiracy theories are putting people’s lives in danger — and in one case might have already helped incite mass murder — yet he continues to push them.”

The piece goes on to accuse the President of “actively, concertedly, and deliberately inciting civil conflict on as many fronts as possible,” “likely” inspiring a madman to consider murdering journalists, and “probably helped feed a climate of hate” that pushed “two madmen to actually attempt to carry out mass murder, one of whom succeeded.”

Now keep that in mind as you watch the following video, featuring left-wing anti-Trump celebrities, politicians and pundits…


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