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Kids are a trap? No way, NHS!

In Walsall, the UK NHS vacuously asserts “Bware da baby trap – use a condom” on bus ads.

The ads infantalise Brits by pushing contraception as a way to avoid parenthood, and by extension sacrificing nights out on the town or in playing video games.

The two ads ask, “Would you give up this?” followed by a picture of either a video game controller or a roll of lipstick and pair of high heels; then “For this?” followed by a baby pacifier.

The makeup ad says, “You can still get Emergency Contraception up to five days (120 hours) after unprotected sex. And it’s FREE.”

But the truth is that advertising free killing of unborn children is not a health message.

The controller ad advertises the availability of “FREE condoms. The truth is that promoting an irresponsible hook-up culture to young men will not promote the health of a nation.

Mark Powell has responded to the NHS’ message with his own ten reasons why children are good for you.

1. Having children is the best investment.
2. They are a blessing
3. They mean that, hopefully, you will never be lonely.
4. You can rejoice in their achievements
5. Children develop your character
6. They are far more interesting than T.V.
7. Having children is meaningful
8. Having children is intrinsically good.
9. Having kids is interesting
10. Having children is beneficial to society

Promoting the responsible raising of children? Now that is a good idea, don’t you think, NHS?

The NHS Trust in the town of Walsall, east of Birmingham in what was once the heart of Britain’s industrial Midlands, has produced what has got to be one of the most vacuous advertisements for the?


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