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Woke Won’t Win Wars

Let's just say, Senator Ted Cruz's description of a "woke, emasculated military" is something of an understatement.

The US military has rolled out another woke recruitment advert, this time featuring the story of a young female army corporal who was raised by two lesbian mothers.

The advert, which is entirely animated in the style of a children’s cartoon and shows no live-action or real weapons, features the story of how Emma Malonelord came to join the US army.

Malonelord explains how with “two moms” she’s always been surrounded by “strong women,” adding that from an early age, she’s been defending freedom, like taking part in LGBTQ Pride marches.

She also describes joining the army as “a way to prove my inner strength.”

Soon after its release, the video was compared alongside recruitment adverts from both Russia and China. And let’s just say, Senator Ted Cruz’s description of a “woke, emasculated military” is something of an understatement.