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Islamic Propaganda on Television? “From today we say ‘Allah'”

German television drama series, Lindenstraße (literally Lime Street), is said to be one of the most successful shows on German TV. The weekly soap is set in a fictional street in an average quarter of Munich and focuses on the lives of normal people. The video clip below is taken from an episode that was aired September 10, 2006, and is simply titled, Islam. In the clip, a woman is seen sitting with a child named Paul explaining something of great importance…

Paul, I have to tell you something very important. I have told you about God who lives in heaven and always watched over us. There is another name for God. Allah, say it, Allah…

Exactly. And from today I want that God… from today we say “Allah”… that Allah becomes much more important in our lives that we pray to Allah and are grateful for all we have and how well off we are and all that do you understand that? And we have to follow his rules.

Many years ago, Allah spoke with a man on earth and told him how people must live on earth to be happy. And this man was called Mohamed. And he wrote everything down in a book, and that book is called Koran.

I know that for now you do not understand everything because you are still a child. But just because you are a child you are also a Muslim. Every child is Muslim. Yes, each child is Muslim.

The woman then recites a prayer in Arabic and asks the child, “Do you want to know what I have said?” After the child nods and she replies:

I said: I testify that there is no god but Allah, and I testify that Mohamed is his servant and messenger.

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