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Is There Another Agenda Behind the COVID-19 Pandemic?

COVID-19 has been deemed a “pandemic” by the deeply discredited World Health Organization (WHO).

In the name of fighting this alleged “pandemic”, measures have been taken by the Australian government that have significant repercussions on freedom of expression, privacy, association, and other fundamental freedoms, both now and potentially for an unlimited period of time.

Due to government action, countless people in Australia are already enduring deeply stressful and traumatic events, including job loss, the destitution of money, marriage breakdown, parental alienation, and inadequate supplies of food and other essentials.

Government agencies are also acquiring extraordinary powers to monitor people and to detain law-abiding citizens.

So I was delighted to see at least a former member of federal Parliament, Senator Cory Bernardi, going public to denounce the existence of a more sinister agenda behind all these draconian measures.

“Why are we reacting to a flu-like virus by shutting down the world economy?” he asks rhetorically.

“Why do we care more about the deaths caused by this virus than we do the flu, HIV, tuberculosis, hunger, malaria, heart disease, cancer, motor vehicle accidents, suicides, or any number of other preventable deaths?

“Is it merely coincidence that many of the authorities on Coronavirus are linked to the totalitarian climate movement that has tried so hard for so long to remove our freedom and make global government by elites the centre of society?

“Why are the World Health Organisation (WHO) encouraging further lockdowns when the scientific evidence suggests the virus itself has a natural lifespan and infection peaks after about six weeks?”

And many more questions could be made to the ruling political class, but I am afraid they will never give us a clear answer.

Of course, this makes no sense until one realises that this “health crisis” is being engendered as part of a much broader and more sinister agenda to advance government control over society.

There is no doubt that the ruling class (and their fellow travellers) will fabricate any eventuality that can possibly justify why they should have more power and you should have less liberty.

Watch out, my fellow Australian citizens. Watch out for the totalitarians in our midst.

The price of liberty is indeed eternal vigilance.

Prof Augusto Zimmermann PhD, LLM cum laude, LLB (Hons.), CertIntArb

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