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Iranian official admits mass conversions from Islam to Christianity are “happening right before our eyes”

Iran’s Minister of Intelligence has warned a gathering of Shia Muslim leaders that mass conversions to Christianity are taking place right across the country.

According to Article 18, a nonprofit organisation that advocates religious freedom in Iran, Mahmoud Alavi told the Shia clerics who had gathered in Qom that mass conversions are “happening right before our eyes.”

Alavi went on to admit that he had summoned converts to Christianity for questioning, in violation of Article 23 of Iran’s constitution, which states that “no-one may be molested or taken to task simply for holding a certain belief.”

“Some [of the converts] said they were looking for a religion that gives them peace,” Alavi said. “These converts are ordinary people, whose jobs are sellings sandwiches or similar things.”

Article 18’s Advocacy Director Mansour Borji said this is a “huge shift away from Iran’s usual rhetoric that converts are agents of the West who have undergone significant training to undermine national security.”

Astonishingly, this comes as British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt revealed Christian persecution is close to “genocidal levels”, with Christians in some parts of the Middle East facing the possibility of extinction.

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