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Horrific: 27 babies left to die after failed abortions, some potentially as old as 34-weeks

AT LEAST 27 babies were born alive and ‘left to die’ without medical treatment after failed abortion procedures in Western Australia. Some of the babies were potentially as old as 34-weeks, parliamentary questioning revealed.

More than 7,000 people called for an inquiry to investigate the ‘systemic failures’ that allowed at least 26 [at the time of the petition] Western Australians to be left to die, WA Today reported.

The petition was tabled by pro-life parliamentarian Nick Goiran who wants the deaths to be thoroughly investigated, especially after it was revealed there was “no record of medical intervention or resuscitation.”

Mr Goiran went on to say, “if there was an unnatural death of any other Western Australian citizen this would be front page news and there would be an outcry… In this situation, a different standard seems to apply and I can only conclude that’s because the genesis has to do with a word that people are fearful of discussing, which is abortion.”


Western Australians’ concerns about 27 babies who were born alive after botched abortions and left to die are being ignored by state leaders. The horrifying



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