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Convicted terrorist, planning to ‘chop some people up’ with a machete, praises Australia’s welfare system.

A convicted terrorist who was planning an attack on Australians with a machete and suicide vest has praised the nation’s “beautiful” welfare system.

Yes, the money you earn is taken by the government and then given to these sorts, so the next victim of terrorism in Australia might be paying for the instruments of their own death.

Peta Credlin on Sky News explains: “The fact we have terrorists on welfare, says something about how ‘soft-in-the-head’ modern Australia has become…

“My problem is that more and more we’re letting a way of life develop here where the system puts the burden on people trying to do the right thing, like run a small business for instance, but bends over backwards for people who are clearly doing the wrong thing because they’re too scared to call out bad behaviour for fear of being accuse of blaming the victim, accused of racism, or accused of so called Islamophobia.”


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