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High school says cheerleading team must accept people who don’t make the cut during tryouts in an attempt to be more ‘inclusive’

A high school in New Jersey will now accept everyone onto the cheerleading squad in an attempt to be more “inclusive.” The decision from Hanover Park High School staff came after a parent complained because her daughter failed to make the cut during tryouts.

In a letter from the superintendent, students and parents were informed that the high school administration decided to “be more inclusive and not penalize any student” from making the squad that did not achieve the necessary score.

Cheerleaders who had trained hard to earn their position were naturally upset by the decision.

“I did not put in 18 months of work to lead up to this moment just to be told that it didn’t matter anymore,” said one cheerleader.

Another said, “It is unfair to me and every cheerleader who earned their spots to change the rules after tryouts are over.”

“I’ve tried my hardest–and everything’s going away because of one child who did not make the team and their parent complained. So now all my hard work has been thrown out the window,” said another.

As former Olympian and LA Galaxy soccer star Cobi Jones said, “the pain of losing is part of what drives one to improve… The road to victory–in sports, in business, in life–is paved with losses.”

“In the real world, you’re rewarded for achievement, not effort. Promotions don’t go to the employees who did their best. They go to the employees who did the best.”

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