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Is disagreement in the Liberal Party better than the forced conformity of Labor and The Greens?

Brendan O’Neill has suggested, disagreement in the Australian Liberal Party may be healthier than the forced conformity of Labor and the Greens.

On Monday night’s episode of Q&A, O’Neill said: “Labor and the Greens possibly have a more conformist take on [climate change, same-sex marriage, and multiculturalism] and possibly have even quelled any form of dissent within their ranks in relation to those issues.

“You try being a Climate skeptic in the Labor Party, it’s not allowed. You try criticising same-sex marriage, whether from a religious perspective or a secular perspective, it’s not allowed…

“If there is all this disagreement within the Liberal Party then that could actually be a sign that they are reflective of tensions in society,” O’Neill went on to say.

“I’d be far more suspicious of parties which had a very clear line on every single issue as Labor and the Greens tend to do because that might suggest that they are side-lining very important debate about very important issues.”


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