France to Employ Climate Change Police

“The green gendarme’s primary purpose will be to ‘fight against damage to the environment.'”

French authorities have tabled adding ‘Green Police’ to the ranks of the Gendarmerie.

The Brussels Times relayed how French Interior Minister, Gérald Darmanin plans to “have gendarmes (police officers) trained in attacks on ecology in each gendarmerie brigade.”

Darmanin called it, “a revolution.”

The green gendarme’s primary purpose will be to “fight against damage to the environment.”

He told French Journal, du Dimanche, that the aim for 3,000 new ‘Green Police’ was to “improve the work of judicial investigation.”

The beleaguered Interior minister asserted that while, “nine out of ten fires are of human origin,’ in each case “global warming” played a part.

650 firefighters have been battling seasonal forest fires. The majority are believed to be arson.

These latest fires take the total area burned since the beginning of the year upwards of 600 square kilometres.

France24 attributed the cause to so-called “global warming”, citing former IPCC member, Jean-Pascal van Ypersele, who said, ‘Global warming will continue to worsen, if “we don’t succeed in reducing CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions.”

Darmanin’s Green Police will seek to battle climate change by preventing crimes against the climate. Such as forest fires, which France24 said were responsible for France’s ‘record-breaking carbon emissions.’

Coinciding with the French Interior Minister’s ‘revolutionary’ green police, Politico reported in early August about plans to expand the EU’s disaster response, Civil Protection Mechanism.

Janez Lenarčič, the EU’s commissioner for crisis management, declared in statements made to Politico, that the EU needed to centralise its response to the “climate crisis.”

This, Politico said, could mean the creation of a ‘Civil Protection Force,’ controlled by bureaucrats in Brussels.

Lenarčič argued that centralisation was the key to creating better response times.

Current EU treaty conditions protect national sovereignty.

This, lamented Lenarčič, means that “Brussels [the EU] is prevented from owning or buying any planes, or deciding on the timing, place and duration of deployment.”

The ex-ICCP UN member also bemoaned how those same treaty conditions were holding back the creation of a European Union Army.

Strongly opposed to Lenarčič’s proposals, Cristian Terhes MEP, told Breitbart, that the “climate crisis” was another example of “unelected bureaucrats using any excuse to grab more power.”

“EU bigwigs don’t want to be accountable to the people. Handing to these irresponsible and unaccountable bureaucrats even more power would just simply be irresponsible.”

“What Europe needs,” said Terhes, “is a rebirth of national and sovereign democracy, with creativity and power for local people, rather than one size fits all bureaucratic control from the centre of Brussels.”

Terhes was among a small contingent of hero EU members who opposed ‘Green Certificates’ (vaccine passports) in November last year.

Speaking for the group the Romanian’s protest went viral after he challenged the EU’s vaccine mandates and lack of transparency:

“You tell me if this is okay for the European citizens to be exposed to? This situation, where they cannot come to work. They cannot enter a store. They cannot go with their kids to schools; where they cannot freely move from one country to another [un]less [someone] is vaccinated with one of these products.” 

His concerns hit a nerve.

Centralisation and the very name ‘Green Police’ infers a flashback to the mid-20th century tyranny.

Orpo, or ‘Order Police’, were a department of the SS in Nazified Germany up until the end of the war.

National Socialists centralised control of Germany’s police force in the 1930s, giving SS Reichsführer, and Heinrich Himmler a power over citizens, second only to Hitler.

Otherwise known as the Grüne Polizei  (Green Police), because of the ‘green-cladcolour of their uniform, the Order Police included ‘fire, rescue, and emergency medical services.’

The Ordnungspolizei became the ideological enforcers of the regime, rarely ‘intervening to protect [dissidents], Jews or Jewish-owned property from extralegal Nazi violence.’

Germany’s ‘Green Police’ were also militarized. Recruits were ‘indoctrinated in Nazi ideology and trained in combat.’

This isn’t to say that the proposed EU Green Police are a version of the Nazified Ordnungspolizei.

Although, having said this, there would be a strong argument for such a claim, if the EU Green Police are employed to enforce the ideology behind the scam that is Environmental Social Governance (aka ESG).

Readers don’t need a PHD to note how the word “Social” in ESG may connote Socialism.

It is therefore reckless to quickly dismiss observable ideological connections between today’s Green political movements, and the National Socialist’s Darwinian ‘blood and soil’ enviro-fascism.

As explained by Peter Staudenmaier in a 31-page essay on the subject published by Marquette University in 2011 (PDF), ‘The Nazi movement’s incorporation of environmentalist themes was a crucial factor in its rise to popularity and state power.’ (2011, p.15)

Staudenmaier adds, ‘The National Socialist “religion of nature;’ as one historian has described it, was a volatile admixture of primeval Teutonic nature mysticism, pseudoscientific ecology, irrationalist anti-humanism, and a mythology of racial salvation through a return to the land.’ (ibid)

‘Such musings,’ he stressed, ‘were not mere rhetoric; they reflected firmly held beliefs and, indeed, practices at the very top of the Nazi hierarchy which are today conventionally associated with ecological attitudes.’

Staudenmaier’s examples? Hitler and Himmler were ‘both strict vegetarians and animal lovers, attracted to nature mysticism and homeopathic cures, and staunchly opposed to vivisection and cruelty to animals.’ (2011, p.17)

There is no denying the Nazis had a ‘Green Wing.’

Push through the bluster of qualms glossing over this today, and academic disputes boil down to which one of Marx’s warring progeny – the Nazis or Soviets – were the most eco-friendly.

This ‘smoking-gun’ evidence should be enough for any sane citizen to categorically reject the creation of an ESG Gestapo, designed to enforce the will of Gaia’s anti-Christs.


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