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Foster care support organisation pushes for more children to be placed in the care of homosexual couples.

Foster care support organisation, My Forever Family, has launched a new campaign to encourage homosexuals to ‘grow their pride’ by becoming foster carers.

The group, which is operated by a Government funded organisation known as Adopt Change, was launched in July 2018 with a focus on engaging potential foster carers and offering support for a range of existing carers.

The new ‘LGBTQ recruitment’ campaign, ‘Grow Your Pride’, coincided with the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Fair Day. My Forever Family took up a stall at the event last Sunday, which they encouraged families to attend.

“My Forever Family is going to be at Fair Day event this Sunday! We’ve got jelly beans, colouring kits, temporary tattoos and a whole lot of positive energy so be sure to swing past and say hello!” the group said on Facebook.

A series of 15-second videos depicting same-sex couples with children were also released on social media. “Love is love. And family is family,” the organisation stated.

Or in other words, they’ve redefined ‘love’, now it’s time to redefine ‘family’.


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