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Forcing kids to transition: Sydney Watson highlights two horrific cases that EVERYONE needs to know

With the number of people identifying as transgender on the rise, particularly among youngsters, it’s absolutely necessary that we consider the longterm negative impacts of gender “reassignment” surgeries and hormone drug treatments, especially when they’re being forced on young children.

In the U.S., gender clinics are reporting large upticks in new referrals, with waiting lists stretching to five months or longer. The Williams Insitute at UCLA School of Law estimated in 2017 that there were about 150,000 teenagers aged between 13 and 17 who identify as transgender.

In the U.K., The Telegraph reported a 4,400 per cent increase in children being referred for transitioning treatment over a 10-year period, prompting the Minister for Women and Equalities to order an inquiry.

Australia has also witnessed a rise in the number of children being referred for gender treatments, with the state of Victoria seeing a 41 per cent increase between 2014 and 2018. As a result, clinicians have called for an urgent national inquiry into the safety and ethics of giving hormone drug treatments to kids who are confused about gender, warning that the risks of infertility and lifelong regret outweigh the benefits to trans children and teens.

In her latest video, which YouTube is already actively suppressing, Sydney Watson highlights two important cases of children being forced to transition. James Younger is one of those cases, which you’ve likely heard something about already in recent news. The other case is that of David Reimer, a tragic story that everyone ought to be familiar with.


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