Disney princesses tweet #metoo

Kazue Muta, a Japanese gender studies and sociology professor has accused two Disney princes of sexual harassment. Muta argued, the princes from Snow White and Sleeping Beauty portray, “quasi-compulsive obscene sexual acts on an unconscious partner.”

Muta accused the princes of sexual assault in a Tweet linked to a news story about a man who was arrested for kissing a woman while she slept on a train.

According to Japan Today, “In the Disney version of Sleeping Beauty, the prince is led to kiss Princess Aurora by the fairies on the belief that he can cure her, and is not motivated by his own pervy will.” In Disney’s Snow White, the act is softened “by establishing a prior relationship between them in which she and the prince fall in love at first sight.”

While the incidents took place over 60 years ago, the princesses are following the Hollywood trend by now choosing to shed light on such a serious subject. Mickey Mouse is yet to respond to the allegations, although he is currently in the middle of settling a lawsuit filed against Donald Duck after he turned up to work without wearing any pants.

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