Democrats Blame Trump and Climate Change for Avoidable Humanitarian Border Disaster

Manufacture a crisis, push the credibility of another manufactured crisis, then blame others for it.

House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, when addressing the avoidable humanitarian crisis unfolding on the southern border of the United States, blamed the “impact of climate change,” not good border policy being ditched for bad.

Speaking straight from her hate-Trump-era playbook, Pelosi shifted the blame, acknowledged Central American “corruption, violence, and all that” as a factor, then insinuated that President Biden’s hands were tied because “they” inherited a “broken system.”

Pelosi apparently wrote the script for Biden, which was echoed by his White House Press Secretary on Tuesday, who also said, “the last administration left us a dismantled, and unworkable system.”

Heaping praise on Biden, Pelosi stated, that he’s assigned FEMA the task of helping resolve the developing crisis, by ‘transitioning [from] what was wrong before, to what is right.’

Democrat political doublespeak for attempting to deflect accountability for a human tsunami that their ‘policies and rhetoric’ invited. Attested to by Julio Rosas for Townhall.

Commenting on Pelosi’s political manoeuvre, Australian journalist, Miranda Divine rightly called it, “Soviet level gaslighting.”

In other words, manufacture a crisis, push the credibility of another manufactured crisis, then blame others for it.

Melanie Phillips described as much in 2010, writing:

“The left divides the world into two rival camps of good and evil, creating as the sole alternative to itself a demonic political camp called ‘the right,’ to which everyone who challenges it is automatically consigned.

“Since ‘the right’ is by definition evil, to dispute any left-wing shibboleth is to put oneself beyond the moral pale. There can be no dissent or argument at all. Only one worldview is to be permitted.”

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