Claws Out: Labor Terrified by Liberal’s Up and Coming Star

“As is often the case, emotional reasoning tramples facts, and the very people exhibiting hate are those who say they’re fighting against it.”

A multi-talented teacher and pro-life advocate is facing an unfair amount of criticism, and the young Australian mother of four hasn’t even been voted into parliament yet.

On Saturday, Victorian LNP State Director, Sam McQuestin announced the pre-selection of Melton City Councilwoman, Moira Deeming for Victoria’s Legislative Council.

Leftists triggered by the news, from The Guardian to the Courier Mail, down to the woke halls of the Labor elite came out of the woodwork, then unleashed a flood of media spin designed to tear down the homeschooling mum.

Notably, most of Councillor Deeming’s haters were women.

Two articles from Benita Kolovos in The Guardian painted Deeming as an “anti-vaxxing,” anti-abortion, transphobe, out to wage war against the LGBTQ+. (See here and here).

No fan of Moira’s faith or her convictions, Susie O’Brien, in Brisbane’s Courier Mail, threw up the same ad hominem.

O’Brien, a pro-abortion crusader, took significant issue with Deeming’s pro-life concerns and ignored the point of her two pieces on abortion. Deeming’s argument focused on calling Christians to account for their role in pushing vulnerable women toward abortionists and urged believers to persuade people the same way William Wilberforce did with slavery.

Also riding the leftist vehemence, Victorian Health Minister, Mary Thomas, pulled out her claws, scowling about how Deeming was a threat to women and so-called trans-kids.

Thomas said she was “outraged” by the LNP’s choice, calling Deeming, a “Bernie Finn Clone.”

Both O’Brien and Thomas accused Deeming of being a threat to the lives of vulnerable children, while doubling down on a commitment to defend the right to terminate a child’s life before they’re even born.

Adding to their deathly irony, the pair talked up transgenderism, and the genital mutilation of children, implying that Deeming’s pro-women platform was in fact, anti-women.

The pre-selection of Deeming for the Victorian senate seems to have brought the left’s political demons out to play.

A new Twitter account called The Virtuous Victorian, established around the time of the news, described the LNP as having no ‘moral fibre’ for not ‘kicking Moira Deeming off the ballot.’

The account regurgitated the same straw man talking points as Kolovos, O’Brien, and Thomas, describing Deeming as ‘Bernie Finn’s, transphobic, anti-abortion, and anti-vax replacement.’

In comments on the LNP’s pre-selection of Councillor Deeming, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, read from the same vacuous script, stating, “I’m not here to comment on the Liberal Party and some of the transphobic, homophobic and frankly, unVictorian kind of hatred.”

As is often the case, emotional reasoning tramples facts, and the very people exhibiting hate are those who say they’re fighting against it.

Moira Deeming has first-hand experience caring for those who identify as LGBTQ+.

For someone who has reached out to people who identify as trans, visiting one of them in hospital, the claims against her are unjustified.

Furthermore, accusing Deeming of being a threat to children, potentially threatens her profession as a teacher and her vocation as a mother.

This malicious framing also dismisses Deeming’s own personal experiences with the cost and consequences women face after having an abortion.

Her views on the subjects of transgenderism and abortion are informed by real-life experiences and her own personal story, as much as they are her hard-won Christian convictions.

It’s no accident that these accusations precede the upcoming Victorian State election in November.

Such pig-ignorant rhetoric appears to be an attempt to set Councillor Deeming up for failure.

Of even greater concern, the tone of the baseless assertions comes across as a way of setting Deeming, and those who agree with her, to be labelled in the future as “domestic terrorists.” 

The term is a new plaything for the “tolerant and inclusive” Left, as they weaponize laws to be used against political opponents, and reasoned dissent.

In spite of the Cultural Marxist culture war being waged against her, support for the Councillor remains strong.

Steadfast 2022 federal LNP candidate, Katherine Deves commended Moira for defending ‘women’s sex-based rights, child safeguarding and common sense.’

Tapping into the applause, ACL director, Martyn Iles commented, ‘the grassroots of the LNP party got it right […] Moira is pretty much a certainty to win the seat at the next election.’

Iles added, ‘P.S. People mustn’t forget Bernie, though. He will be running for the DLP at the next election in Western Metro.’

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