Churches Attacked as Abortion Anarchists Ramp up Their “Defend Roe” Death Marches

“They burned churches in Canada for the alleged murder of children. Now they’re burning churches for the ‘right’ to murder children.”

Radicalised, kill the baby, ‘help’ the mother activists are next-levelling their villainy in the wake of a leaked SCOTUS draft ruling set to reverse Roe v. Wade.

Vandalism and violence have followed a rising barrage of vitriol targeting Christians, and conservative pro-life organisations.

On Mother’s Day, Wisconsin police determined a fire that damaged an office of non-profit, Wisconsin Family Action, was deliberately lit.

Local news reported threatening graffiti which read, “if abortions aren’t safe then you aren’t either.”

The graffiti was tagged with Antifa’s calling card, alongside 1312, meaning “all cops are b****ds.”

An incident report filed by local police said a second fire appears to have been lit after a Molotov cocktail thrown into the building failed to ignite. No one was injured.

Madison Police Chief Shon Barnes elaborated, “It appears a specific non-profit that supports anti-abortion measures was targeted.”

Other areas reported similar encounters.

A Catholic Church in Colorado had its doors damaged by “my body, my choice” graffiti for the second time this year.

In New York City, activists blocked entry to Old St Patrick’s Cathedral.

National Review, which had a journalist on the ground, recounted that pro-abortion activists were protesting a regular prayer march for by pro-life Catholics up to the nearest Planned Parenthood clinic.

Video shared online by an independent journalist showed an alleged actor, scantily dressed, stuffing dolls down her clothing to represent pregnancy.

Then, surrounded by a crowd singing “Praise God for abortion,” the woman is seen mimicking an abortion.

Epitomising the leftist lunacy reacting to the draft ruling on Roe v. Wade, anti-Christian, pro-abortion group, Ruth Sent Us, appeared to be overjoyed at the chance to be disruptive, and incite hate crimes against U.S Supreme Court justices, as well as Churches, in the name of “reproductive rights.”

An admin for the group posted a call on Twitter rallying radicals to “defend Roe” against “forced-birthers”,

“Whether you’re a ‘Catholic for Choice’, ex-Catholic, of other or no faith, recognize that six extremist Catholics set out to overturn Roe. Stand at or in a local Catholic Church Sun May 8.”

In another tweet, the group declared:

“This is a call-to-action that will upset Catholic4Choice, liberal Catholics, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and certainly enrage Christian forced-birthers. They want us to ignore WHO is attacking human rights: extremist Christians. # MothersDaystrike”

Additionally, Ruth Sent Us doxxed six Supreme Court Justices, ‘publishing their partial addresses online.’

The NY Post said the group has mapped out a plan to directly protest conservative justices outside their homes next Wednesday.

Ruth Sent Us pinpointed homes where it said, “the six Christian fundamentalist Justices issue their shadow docket rulings from.”

Google has since blocked the map, citing a violation of the EULA.

Not to be outdone by the life unworthy of life lunacy of Ruth Sent Us, Rise up 4 Abortion labelled, Justice Samuel Anthony Alito Jr. (author of the leaked document), a “Christian fascist,” tweeting, “We will make this country ungovernable.!”

When asked about the violence, threats and intimidation, the Biden administration endorsed “peaceful protests”, seemingly washing their hands of the standards they applied to January 6th, and during COVID-19 lockdowns.

“Star-power” joined the pro-abort chorus building steam since the SCOTUS document was leaked to the public.

Patricia Arquette spammed her official Twitter wall with pro-abortion NPR “fact-checks.”

Likewise, Ashley Judd, and Benedict Cumberbatch, voiced their support for the “Defend Roe – Forced Motherhood, NO!” movement.

While Jameela Jamil told her 3.6million followers on Instagram that men should back abortions because the death of the baby means avoiding “lifelong fatherhood and child support payments.”

Jamil, arguing what-if hypothetical scenarios, claimed men she knows who have had ‘one-night stands end in an abortion, live with immense relief and gratitude.’

Take a moment here to notice how the women raging about “toxic masculinity” are the same women negating womanhood with the phrase “pregnant people,” and are the same women telling men to discard their masculine responsibilities.

Justice Clarence Thomas issued concern about respect for the judicial branch responding to the Politico pandemonium on Friday.

Thomas ‘defended judicial independence, arguing that government institutions mustn’t allow themselves to be strong-armed into delivering outcomes that people demand,’ the Epoch Times explained.

Faith and Freedom Coalition issued a statement from its chairman, Ralph Reed, repeating a tweet, where Reed asked for Biden AG, Merrick Garland, and the DOJ, to ‘take whatever steps are necessary to defend churches and ministries from all threats of harassment, vandalism and violence.’

Reed said, “An attack on any church is an attack on the entire faith community, and represents anti-Christian bigotry that is a cancer on the body politic.”

The pro-abortion church burnings, and anti-Christian vitriol, echo last year’s mass burning of Churches in Canada.

Largely based on a false narrative, exposed by Lauren Southern, 68 churches were vandalised or burned since the apparent discovery of 215 unmarked graves of children found near a Catholic residential school in Kamloops, British Columbia.

Similar to the current embers being fanned in the United States, the Canadian terror was ignited by the leftist bureaucracy and partnering legacy media.

The narrative, built on ‘unconfirmed reports’, created picture-perfect photo-ops for Justin Trudeau, and his re-election campaign.

Thus, ensuring a third tenure for the elitist. One of many who orbit George Soros, and the WEF.

Canada’s experience is a warning to the react-before-you-know-the-facts activists’ tar and feathering Christians, churches and NGO’s.

Of whom most seek to provide a healthier alternative to the bloodletting of abortion, believing in the holistic healthcare solution: Save the baby, help the mother.

By contrast, the “Defend Roe” death squads trumpet the usual incoherent logic coming from within radical Leftism’s inconsistent outrage industry.

They burned churches in Canada for the alleged murder of children. Now they’re burning churches for the ‘right’ to murder children.

The only other place we see this happening in the world is on the African continent, China, and in the Middle East.

Alongside kidnapping the vulnerable, and demonising Christians, burning churches is the favoured weapon of choice for jihadists, whether they be Islamists or Communists.

Birds of a feather, do indeed, flock together.

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