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Christian cross destroyed because it was offensive to Muslim migrants.

A Greek Orthodox priest was beaten by Syrian “asylum seekers” outside of his own church last week.

According to Proto Thema, the group became violent after they were confronted for parking their motorcycles in the courtyard of the sanctuary of St Nicholas in Patisia, Athens.

The attack comes just months after the destruction of a large Christian cross at Appeli on Greece’s island of Lesbos.

Prior to its destruction, leftist, pro-migrant NGOs had demanded the removal of the Christian symbol, claiming it promoted “hate” towards migrants and labeling it a “Crusader Tool.”

“‘Coexistence and Communication in the Aegean’ had filed a request with authorities to get the beachside cross taken down,” Breitbart reported. The group cited the “inappropriateness of there being a religious symbol near swimmers” as well as claiming the Christian symbol had been “turned into a tool of aspiring crusaders.”


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