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Breaking: Tommy Robinson moved to a Muslim majority prison

Tommy Robinson has been moved to a Muslim majority prison, according to those close to him. Author Raheem Kassam said on Twitter, “Tommy’s human rights are being violated as he was moved to a new UK prison last night, without warning or reason. He is now in a very heavily Muslim populated prison in the Midlands in England.”

Kassam later added, “I am told the decision to move Tommy Robinson from a relatively safe prison to a highly unsafe one came from the UK Home Office — which means people need to be asking questions of Sajid Javid, Britain’s new Home Secretary.”

It was also revealed Robinson’s video, ‘I won’t be around much longer,’ was recently removed from YouTube for “violating community guidelines” and “Youtube’s policy on hate speech.”

According to Robinson’s Facebook page, “In the video Tommy talked ONLY about how he was removed from Twitter for posting a verifiable government statistic – and how social media companies were working with the establishment to have him removed forever.”

Geert Wilder’s also took to Twitter to warn Javid and Theresa May, “If [Robinson’s] hurt, you will have blood on your hands and people all over the world will hold you accountable. Be wise and release him. Now.”

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