Bigoted Judges Rule Children Can’t Give Informed Consent to Irreversible, Untested, Hormone Treatments

Has anybody told Daniel Andrews about the three terrible bigots across the pond who are trying to suppress the gender identity of ‘transgender’ minors?

SATIRE: Has anybody told Daniel Andrews about the three terrible bigots across the pond who are trying to suppress the gender identity of ‘transgender’ minors?

These hateful individuals, all of them High Court Judges (what are the odds?), have engaged in the most terrible suppression practice — they have ruled against trans children being prescribed puberty blockers under the age of 16 simply because they cannot give informed consent. Quite disgusting, I know.

In a confusing and completely unforeseeable twist, Kiera Bell, a 23-year-old woman actually regrets the fact that as a minor, she did not have her transgender identity challenged (or what Daniel Andrews’ new Bill would call ‘suppressed’) and (with some other transphobic parents) took the issue to court.

Bell actually mourns the fact that she, as a teenager, was treated as a fully mature consenting adult and was offered puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and eventually a double mastectomy. She even celebrates the fact that she decided to detransition before agreeing to have a fake phallus constructed out of her own skin and attached to her groin! Talk about ungrateful!

And the panel of High Court Judges, whom one can only conclude were raging transphobes, actually saw merit in her argument that children cannot understand the long term consequences of puberty blockers! Just because the prescribing clinicians also admit that they do not know the long term consequences of puberty blockers on children, doesn’t mean that children shouldn’t be allowed to inject themselves with the stuff willy-nilly!

The NHS and the Royal Children’s Hospital in Australia have already admitted that some of the long term consequences of puberty blockers now being recorded are not ideal, such as bone deterioration and impeded brain development — but let’s not forget they are the experts here, not us. And as the experts tell us, the best and most important things anyone can do for gender dysphoric minors is to agree with them that their bodies are wrong and worthy of their disgust and to employ whatever means necessary to make them look like the opposite sex (not that sex is binary, of course).      

If only these UK Judges and the quite baffling number of people supporting them were within the reach of Andrews’ new Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Bill ! Then they could be fined or sent to jail for trying to deny the use of off label prostate cancer drugs and cross-sex hormones on little children!

Thankfully, if Andrews’ Bill is passed, we Victorians will soon be safe from such “harmful, prejudiced and discredited suppression practices” as using counselling to alleviate gender dysphoria in children. In case you didn’t know, such counselling is known as ‘the watch and wait approach’ and shockingly, is still practised in some parts of the world. It has been completely debunked because using it has been shown to permanently suppress transgender identities in over 80% of children. That’s 8 out of 10 transgender children who won’t take puberty blockers, or cross-sex hormones or surgically destroy all outer traces of their biological sex! That’s 8 out of 10 transgender children who will simply grow unimpeded into fertile adults who embrace their biological sex instead of their transgender identity! Disgusting.

How lucky Victorian children and their families are, to have a fearless leader like Daniel Andrews to make sure that statistics like those will never again be seen in Victoria.

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