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Asylum Seekers: Better to live for free on welfare in Nauru than have to work in the United States.

Peta Credlin: “If Nauru is, as we’re constantly told, a hellhole of rampant illness and people on the edge of suicide, it’s surprising isn’t it then that 71 of these people don’t want to live for a new life in the U.S.

“Here are refugees who supposedly can’t go back home, they’ve been stuck in this alleged nightmare, no-man’s land for five years, yet they won’t go to America.

“For people who are supposed to be desperate, they’re incredibly picky about which safe new first-world country they’ll accept…

“According to [the] Daily Telegraph, these refugees knocked back the United States deal when they were told – wait for it – that they’d have to work and wouldn’t receive welfare…

“These people are welfare migrants, forum shopping for the best taxpayer funded lifestyle.”


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