To anyone who thinks that the recent race riots in the US is about racial justice and not police brutality then watch the following video:

To anyone who thinks all—or even majority of—cops are racist against all blacks, then read Roland Fryer’s, African American Professor of economics and sociology at Harvard University, study on proportionate police violence and brutality between races.

To anyone who thinks that the breakdown of the family unit hasn’t had a devastating effect on the black community, then watch this interview with African American Professor Larry Elder who also explains why whites are more likely to be shot for the same crimes here.

To anyone who thinks that bailing out criminals and rioters from jail who have recently committed acts of violence and looting is a good thing, then you need to know that encouraging crime perpetuates it. As can be seen, here, here and here.

To anyone who thinks that #AllLivesDontMatter, then go back and read the inalienable rights of the constitution and especially the Bible, which should spur us to help those in disadvantage situations and not apologise for being a certain skin colour. In particular, see African American—and former Marxist—Thomas Sowell’s “Disparities and their Causes” and “Intellectuals and Society” if you want to understand cultural differences between people groups and the responsibility of the individual.

To anyone who thinks America is systemically racist, just remember they elected a black president… twice!

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