Advice for the Liberal Party of Australia

“Pass policies which make life easier for Australians to have large families and this will have a positive impact on this nation for generations.”

If the Liberal Party wants to be a force to reckon with their only road forward is to go Nationalist. Not hard right, but more to the right.

They need to recognize that the leftist-leaning parties of Labor and the Greens have the progressive vote sown up, and so leaning to the left is just going to make them not seem genuine to the leftist voters and to be more distasteful to conservative and right-leaning voters. It’s a lose-lose, guys, so you need to lean the other way. 

Here are some policies that I would ask that they offer to Aussies:

  • Ban Chinese and/or other foreign investment in homes. Aussies hate that rich overseas investors can buy up tonnes of new homes here. 
  • Limit immigration to only thousands a year, not tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands as it now is, but thousands. These immigrants should be made up of needed highly skilled, not just skilled, but highly skilled workers. Things like the best surgeons, top-level engineers, the best scientists, etc, who are at the top of their field. Anyone below the top 3% in their field cannot qualify. Post World War 2 both America and Russia shot forward in advancements with top German scientists, look it up you will see that this is true. Sometimes skilled intakes of people your nation cannot, or has not, produced can leap your society forward. But too much just causes all sorts of issues, as we are seeing, especially with the cost of living. Australia has done more than its fair share of intake for decades now. 
  • Promise to remove funding for causes that are not nationalistic, and that undermine Australian unity, and then deliver. Don’t ban them, just don’t fund them. Don’t fund them in the schools, academia, or the media, and ban foreign investment in these institutions and industries as well. Foreign entities should not be able to give large amounts of money to Australian universities to promote their cultures or beliefs. Nor should public money be used for this. 
  • Give the allotted funding for school students to families, not schools and school boards, and let families educate their kids how they choose (private, public, or home-school) with that money. I’d prefer less money being given out, but in this age of entitlement, it might just be better to redirect it and allow people to have more control over how government funding affects their kids. You’d probably find many homes-schooling families wouldn’t touch the money anyway, but it should at least be an option.
  • Exempt families with 3 or more kids from a lot more tax. Get people incentivized to have more kids. This policy already exists in countries like Hungary. It is a nation-building policy of the highest order. Roads, bridges, railway lines and airports are fundamental infrastructure for a society to have, and a responsibility for government to secure, but children and families are even more fundamental and therefore even more important to secure.  
  • This last one is not something current most Liberals would even countenance, but promise to pass a law wiping away up to $300,000 dollars of household debt and then implement it. Not pay it off, not stimulus, wipe it. Pass a law mandating its removal from the economy. “Quantitative uneasing” you could call it. With this policy, you could shrink both debt and the money supply in one hit. Because stimulus is not being given it would not be inflationary, and because it removes money from the money supply, it would cause both money and prices to retract, rewarding those who have done the right thing and saved well. Savers are people who should be rewarded, but who are currently punished by our easy debt culture. It should be accompanied with legislation making it harder to borrow. I’d love to see even more done on this, as I have written elsewhere, but if you want to stand on fiscal responsibility, doing something to restrain the debt-based economy should be at the top of the list. It is getting out of control. 

The cost of living is the biggest issue facing the Australian people. The number one issue. The biggest issue by far. An issue far and above many others. Aussies are in too much debt, and the party that solves this, even just a little, will be heroes for three generations or more. Especially if it is done in a way that also rewards those who have currently saved well, their money will become worth more.

We must recognize that most Aussies are obsessed with entitlements and welfare, which are the bread and butter of the leftist parties. But if voters were offered a choice between these entitlements and debt forgiveness they’d have a true and genuine hard time choosing who to vote for.  

The word liberty originally meant liberty from debt slavery. The most ancient uses of the words meaning liberty had this connotation. Reinvigorate the true meaning of the word liberty, Liberal party, you’ll hold government for decades.

These policies are all nationalistic, because they favour Australians over foreigners, which is the responsibility of the government of any nation, and they also incentivize the growth of families. Families being the founding block of the nation. Pass policies which make life easier for Australians to have large families and this will have a positive impact on this nation for generations.

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