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Academic says, Muslims in Sri Lanka are victims of global “Islamophobic” discourse, after Islamic terrorists slaughter 290 Christians

A senior analyst for the International Crisis Group has warned that Sunday’s Islamic terrorist attacks will feed the sentiment that Muslims are a problem and a threat that needs to be dealt with.

Speaking to LBC presenter Eddie Mair, academic Alan Keenan said, “this sentiment has been developing over the last five years, cultivated by a radical militant group of Buddhists, including some monks.

Keenan went on to warn, “if strong action isn’t taken and the right messages aren’t sent by the government leaders and religious leaders of all groups, there’s a real possibility of further violence.”

Speaking on NPO 2, Keenan said the Muslim community should not be blamed for the attacks.

“The community as a whole should not be targeted, should not be blamed. There is a real risk, given the already high levels of suspicion, fear and demonisation of Muslims within Sri Lanka — which has close connections with the global Islamophobic discourses — in that context, there’s a high risk that… the Muslim community as a whole could be targeted.”


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