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The suicide of Europe, its people, and its culture

Anders Borg, the former Swedish Minister of Finance, once said that he hoped in ten years time Sweden would look less like Sweden and more like Africa. Unfortunately, Borg’s sentiment is shared by many European leaders today. Europe now has little desire to reproduce itself, fight for itself, or even take its own side in an argument. Often attempts to preserve the people or the culture are met with the charges of intolerance and racism. As the following video explains:

What had been Europe, the home of the European peoples, gradually became the home of the entire world. The places that had been European gradually became somewhere else. So places dominated by Pakistani immigrants, resembled Pakistan, in everything but their location.

With the recent arrivals and their children eating the food of their place of origin, speaking the language of their place of origin, and worshiping the religion of their place of origin, streets in the cold and rainy northern towns of Europe, were now filled with people dressed for the foothills of Pakistan, or the sand storms of Arabia.

It’s important that we protect all people, regardless of race. It’s also important that we preserve what’s good in all cultures. But both of these should never be done at the expense of others.

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