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Additional charges against Tommy Robinson: ‘Believe me, they are going to send me back to prison…’

Tommy Robinson has revealed he could face two-years in prison after additional charges were added to his retrial which is set to take place next week.

In a post on his Facebook page, Robinson said, “the corrupt government have added another two charges to my trial on September 27th at the Old Bailey.”

“They now want to send me to prison for stating facts about Islam and for live streaming whilst the defendants made sexual references about my wife and mother,” Robinson said. “The government have now officially made free speech illegal.”

In a video attached to the initial post, Robinson explained: “I see a lot of people reading and commenting saying, ‘this is getting thrown out,’ ‘they’ll never send him back to prison.’ Believe me, they are going to send me back to prison…”

Robinson is set to face a retrial on Thursday September 27th.


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