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ABC gives highest paid employees more than $2.5 million in tax-payer funded bonuses

“Save our ABC!” We’ve all heard the cry since the Federal Budget announced ABC funding would be cut by more than $80 million.

But that hasn’t stopped the national broadcaster from handing out millions in tax-payer funded bonuses to more than 200 staff members. Some employees are receiving as much as $70,000, according to the Herald Sun.

It was reported that 189 staff members on executive pay were granted pay grades of more than $2.2 million, as about 200 non-executives received a collective bonus of $384,989.

According to the Daily Mail, in October 2017, the ABC refused a government request to disclose the salaries of its 150 highest paid employees, but revealed 20 of its top stars earn between $225,000 and $460,000.

The ABC receives more than a billion dollars in public money every year. This needs to end now. If it’s a service people want, privatise it and let it fund itself. But of course they won’t do that, because it’s likely not a service most people want.

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