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What Should We Have Learned From the Past Two Years?

"At large, Aussies don't depend on God. They depend on the state."

Last week, four Australian pastors joined forces to deliver a series of talks on the Church’s future in Australia.

The event focused on reflections on the last two years, cultural concerns, political agendas on the horizon, and how the Australian Church is to advance.

Speakers included two of the authors of the Ezekiel Declaration, Pastor Warren McKenzie of Biota Baptist Church, and Pastor Matthew Littlefield of New Beith Baptist Church, along with Pastor Neil van der Wel of Reformation Presbyterian Church, Rockhampton, and Pastor Tom Foord of Hope Reformed Baptist Church.

The first talk was delivered by Pastor McKenzie and is titled, What Should We Have Learned From The Past Two Years? It’s well worth a listen, so we’re sharing it here!