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We Need Less Government to Treat Australia’s Economic Virus

COVID-19 is spreading across the globe, and no nation is immune to its economic symptoms. Governments have taken on various approaches to the illness, displaying no unified international plan of action, and that’s a good thing! Countries need to craft the solution that fits their unique profile, and Australia is no exception to this rule.

Before I go any further, in the interest of full disclosure, I’ll say that the economic plan I’m about to endorse is one crafted by the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance, of which I am the Communications Director. Do with that information what you wish, but what I can tell you is that I am sincere in my belief that the Combat Coronavirus Australia Plan (C.C.A) is the absolute best one for addressing Australia’s current economic ills. Let me explain why.

Australia is not alone in suffering the economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, but the spread of this virus has demonstrated many of Australia’s core longstanding vulnerabilities and weaknesses. High taxes and severe overregulation make our country hostile to small business and employers, a lack of domestic manufacturing leaves us desperately dependant on foreign production; often from countries hostile to us, and working-class Australias can often pay up to a 50% effective tax rate. The C.C.A. addresses these vulnerabilities head-on.

The plan is a five-point program that will allow Australian entrepreneurs and business owners to tap into their resilience and well as lifting financial burdens on contractors and employees. These are the five-points laid out in the C.C.A.:

1. Scrap payroll tax to make employees more affordable to employers.

2. Tax relief for contactors by delaying Tax Day, awarding them ample operating capital.

3. Slice the corporate tax rate to 15%, awarding business with valuable operating capital.

4. Make goods cheaper by slashing VAT and GST on our products.

5. Create Special Recovery Zones by providing tax incentives and reductions in regulations to rural areas.

The C.C.A. stands in stark contrast to the government’s current approach of spending our way out of an economic hole. Handouts and subsidies may cushion the blow, but for true economic strength, we must lift the heavy boot of government off our collective necks so that Australians can rise to the occasion unburdened.

If you are sceptical of this plan, consider that the government is generally terrible at everything it does; except the forcible confiscation of its citizens’ wealth, of course. But as entrepreneurs create wealth, innovate, and generate prosperity, our government spends ten years building a 52 billion dollar internet project that is currently valued at 8 billion dollars. Who would you trust to navigate the country through an economic storm?

I believe that the best indication of future behaviour is past behaviour, and we have plenty of evidence of incompetence in the Australian government’s past. I urge you to support the C.C.A. to put Australia’s economic future in the hands of the same Australians who created it in the first place. Show your support for the plan here.

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