The slope we’re already sliding down

Have you ever been scolded for using the infamous “Slippery Slope Argument” when debating Same-Sex Marriage? Do you remember the good old days when people naively thought that “love is love” and “equality for all” only counted for same-sex couples? Yeah, about that…

Yesterday, the ABC introduced their readers to Andrew, a divorced man who felt “unable to express himself” in marriage. Andrew said, “I felt this whole expectation you will find everything in one person to be a little unrealistic.” After doing away with the “illusion” of the monogamous paradigm, Andrew discovered, what he described as “the most deeply intimate and connected relationships like I have never even imagined.” In a word, polyamory.

“By embracing polyamory, it allowed me to be authentic to myself and to other people, where in my previous life I was almost driven to suicide because I felt like I couldn’t be myself.”

Now, where have we heard that before?

At one point, Andrew admits to dating up to six people, but now he’s focusing on just two women, because “having those two partners creates a lot of balance within myself and my life.” Andrew goes on to reveal, “if one of us wants to bring somebody home, we have a spare room either one of us can use with a guest.”

Andrew is hopeful of wider acceptance of polyamory, suggesting that over the past couple of years there has been “more chatter about what is polyamory.” Andrew continues, “Hopefully we will see some sort of acceptance to polyamory, whether that happens at a legislative level I won’t hold my breath.” Something tells me, he wouldn’t be holding it as long as he thinks.

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