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Pauline Hanson’s hilarious response to Sarah Hanson-Young’s encounter with an “It’s Okay To Be White” sign.

Pauline Hanson has sent Sarah Hanson-Young a box of tissues after the Senator for South Australia barely survived a close encounter with a real life “It’s Okay To Be White” sign.

“Just found this on the street outside my office,” Hanson-Young tweeted on Thursday. “Whoever this moron is… should be named and shamed. Pro-nazi slogans like this are not welcome in Adelaide. Go back to the rock you crawled out from and stay there.”

Pauline Hanson responded to Sarah Hanson-Young’s complaint by sending a box of tissues along with an apology that she could only find them in white.

“Dear Sarah Hanson-Young, I heard that you were very upset and wanted to help so I had my office send these to you,” she said. “I do apologise though, I could only find them in white.”

Hanson-Young then replied to Hanson suggesting she’s the the foot-fungus of Australia… Yeah, really.

“Pauline, I don’t think that fanning racism is funny or something that as politicians we should do,” she said. “Australians deserve better than this. You are a disgrace. You are like the tinea that grows between the toes of the nation, irritating but just need good dose of anti-fungal cream.”

“This is the worst come-back I’ve ever seen,” Sydney Watson tweeted in response. “I’d encourage you to stick to politics, but you can’t seem to do that properly either.”

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