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Watch: Young man saved by motorist after being attacked by enraged Muslim who claimed his victim was his ‘slave’

A MOTORIST in the UK has recorded the moment he saved a delivery boy from his Muslim attacker. The victim was in the area to deliver flyers when he was approached by a man holding a stick.

The Muslim man then threatened to kill the young man before taking his belongings. The motorist spotted the incident from the street and pulled up moments after the victim was forced to remove his shoes.

When the motorist approached and asked what was going on the attacker responded, “What are you going to do?” After he then checked on the well being of the victim, the Muslim man aggressively approach the motorist yelling, “Get the f-ck away from him.”

The attacker went on to claim what he was doing was from love. “You are a Kafir [a person who doesn’t believe in Allah]… he is my slave,” the Muslim man added.

Watch (language warning):

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