Islam State United Kingdom

Watch what happens after Muslim activist confronts police officer for wearing a wristband in support of wounded soldiers

Do we need any more proof that the United Kingdom is broken? Tommy Robinson’s arrest was not an isolated incident. The United Kingdom has been on its knees to Islam for years. Just watch what happens when Muslim activist Anjem Choudary confronts a police officer after the officer is spotted wearing a Help for Heroes wristband.

“As an officer you’re not supposed to have a political agenda,” Choudary states. “You’re not supposed to support the British government in their foreign policy, are you really? And you have a band, and you’re supporting the soldiers of this country… Why are you supporting it and promoting it?”

So, what is Help For Heroes? It’s a British charity which helps provide facilities for servicemen and women who have been wounded or injured in the line of duty.

Watch the exchange below. You won’t believe how the officer responds!

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