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WATCH: The ABC ridicules Scott Morrison’s faith and church: ‘If Jesus was a refugee we’d say, f-ck off, we’re full.’

The ABC’s taxpayer funded and failed program Tonightly with Tom Ballard has taken a swipe at Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s faith and the Pentecostal church he attends.

A video posted to Ballard’s Facebook page says, “Some Australians are confused about Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s Evangelical faith and the role it plays in his politics. Christ rock duo The Shadow Ministers explain through song.”

The song was performed by a duo pretending to be musicians from Morrison’s church. “ScoMo is under the spell of Jesus’ charm, and kids are under safety watch for self harm,” they sang.

“If Jesus was a refugee we’d say, ‘F-ck off, we’re full!’… You gotta love thy neighbour, except if they vote Labor. Or if they’re foreign or gay. And you can’t get more Christian than that.”

I wonder what the response would be if, instead of mocking a Christian politician and his Pentecostal church, they mocked a Muslim politician and his Islamic mosque?


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