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WATCH: Socialist alliance member stunned when asked, “Where has your economic model ever worked?”

Socialism doesn’t work. It’s never worked. And neither has the vast majority of people supporting socialism today. They’d rather spend their time gluing themselves to sidewalks, blocking peak-hour traffic, or disrupting the lives of the honest workers who pay for their welfare handouts and useless university degrees.

Today in Melbourne, while the rest of us were earning a living, 50 people were arrested and a number of police officers injured during violent protests at the International Mining and Resource Conference.

Andrew Bolt of Sky News spoke with one of the Melbourne protesters, Jacob Andrewartha, a member of the Socialist Alliance. During the interview, Jacob was asked a very simple question, “Where has your economic model ever worked?”

What followed is several seconds of awkward stunned silence, followed by an attempt to dodge the question, and then more awkward silence.

That’s not the worst of it either. You’ve really got to watch the entire interview to fully appreciate the mentality behind these protests. The entire exchange can be viewed below:

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