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Tommy Robinson reportedly sentenced to 13-months jail: ‘this is a death sentence’

Tommy Robinson has reportedly been sentenced to 13-months jail after he was arrested outside Leeds Crown Court yesterday. Police arrested Robinson for “breach of the peace” while live-streaming a report on the grooming gang trials.

Conservative journalist, Lauren Southern, who was arrested in the UK under the Terrorism Act in March this year said, “There is a UK reporting ban. No one there is allowed to talk about it.”

Southern went on to say, “This is a death sentence… The British government that sent him to prison today… they know for a fact that he’s most likely going to die in prison. And they don’t care if he dies. They want to intimidate all British citizens into silence and agreeing with the Left being orthodoxy.”

“A lot of the prison system in the UK, it’s a high Muslim population in there and they hate Tommy Robinson. More than hate, people want him dead. He gets death threats all the time. He got beat up in prison all the time while he was in there before.”


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