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Thou shalt not remain neutral

Student teacher, Lindsay Shepherd, was chastised by school authorities after she aired a video during two tutorials. The clip featured University of Toronto professor Jordan B. Peterson and involved a debate on gender-neutral pronouns. For context, Peterson’s full debate can be viewed here: Genders, Rights and Freedom of Speech

According to a report by The Star:

The excerpt from TVO’s current affairs program The Agenda shows Peterson, who has famously refused to use gender pronouns other than “he” or “she,” defending his position against a professor who argued it was necessary to use the pronouns that a person prefers to be called.

Shepherd said she was chastised by her superiors for failing to condemn Peterson’s remarks outright and told her neutral approach to the clip was tantamount to remaining neutral on other objectionable views such as those of Adolf Hitler.

Shepherd’s exchange with the faculty was recorded and posted online – see the video below. During the course of the meeting, Shepherd admits she disagrees with Peterson’s remarks. And while her presentation was neutral, it was “introduced critically.” According to the faculty, however, “…this is like neutrally playing a speech by Hitler or Milo Yiannopoulos.”

As you listen to the video, ask yourself, is this a hint a the next battle we are to face? This is no longer just about opposing views. It’s now about the crime of appearing neutral.

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